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Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead - Irene Kendig

In this remarkable collection of interviews with seven people who've died, Irene Kendig, with the help of a gifted medium, explores what happens when we transition from physical to non-physical reality. Each of the seven dialogues begins with the same question: What did you experience when you released your last breath on earth?

This book is for anyone has has ever wondered whether there is a Heaven or a Hell, a Judgment Day, or a reunion with loved ones. It will illuminate and inspire your heart and mind whether you believe in an afterlife or not. These dialogues explore life from a spiritual perspective, which elevates consciousness and empowers you to make choices in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

The responses offered by Ms. Kendig's loved ones not only diminish fear of dying, they provide solace and strength for those who grieve, and inspire all to live courageously, joyfully, and respectfully . . . now.

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When I saw the promotion asking for reviews of this book I was extremely excited. I mean who isn't curious about what someone who has died will say about the afterlife? The author, Irene Kendig, speaks with seven people from her past by using a Medium she was introduced to by her friend. Sounds pretty interesting right?

This book was interesting and I got right into reading it, but I also had some issues with it. Let me be clear and say that I think some of the issue was me having a skewed expectation. This book clearly states what it is about, and never promises to read like some fiction novel. I did know that going in, but sometimes the writing came across a bit more technical than I had imagined. For those of you who have read The Time Travelers Wife it reminded me of trying to get my mind around how he could travel and see himself and so on. Here's an example:

Irene: If the individuated mind exists both in the physical body and in every particle of light I am, then what happens to the part that belongs to my physical body when I die?

Jerry: The individuated mind doesn't belong to the physical body. A portion of the energy that you are animates the physical body, which is pure energy too, just in a denser form. When it's time to release your physical body, that energy is withdrawn and refocused to your spirited body. It's not segmented into physical energy or spiritual energy; it's all one, and an aspect of that one energy is focused on commanding the physical body.

p. 53 of ARC

Most of the book came across a bit too technical for me to get lost in the wonder of what was being said.

Also, I did have a hard time separating my religious beliefs from the ideas presented. There was much discussion of a higher power be it called God or something else. I found comfort in some of the ideas. Such as the idea that each of us, while in the Spiritual form choose how we will come back to Earth. A life is chosen to focus on what we need to learn to become a more loving, spirited being. That made me feel purposeful and gave a sense of reasoning for the negative aspects of life. Love is also a major component in this novel. I personally believe in a God that is Loving. I found those ideas were complimentary to my beliefs. However, as it progressed it felt like a "new age" type discussion and just left me a bit overwhelmed.

It was also hard for me to grasp the idea that "you can't hurt anyone who doesn't agree to be hurt". I know as adults we have a choice to leave a situation or turn something bad into something better, etc, but what about abused children? When did they agree to be hurt? I really couldn't wrap my mind around that idea. Maybe they were just referring to emotional pain, but I took it as all hurt.

Overall, this book was a difficult read for me and a very difficult review to write. I appreciated how much it made me reflect and look at life in a new way. I was happy to read about the LOVE present in the afterlife. I even enjoyed the short segments in the book where the interviewer/interviewee reflected on life and how it could be lived better. I couldn't get as deeply into the book as I liked because I found it came across too technically. I would recommend this if you are willing to do some deep thinking. I wouldn't recommend it for those days you want to get lost in a book.

This ARC was provided to me by the author.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Vicki from Reading At The Beach and Laurel Rain-Snowpassed this my way back in November, but because of my break I didn't see them until thisweek. Here is what I am suppose to do:

The rules of this one is to list ten honest things about me and then pass the award on to ten other book bloggers.

1. I am really bad at keeping my house clean. I try, but I really hate to clean.

2. I am a twin, but my sister was stillborn. I have always wished she was around.

3. I have 2 kids -1 boy 1 girl, 2 step-kids - 1 boy one girl, 2 dogs - 1 boy 1 girl, 2 cats - you get the idea...I only have one man though,and no girlfriend. LOL

4. I have always wanted to be a runner, but probably couldn't go further than 1/8 mi before I would be walking.

5. I'm short. 5'2". I wish I was taller.

6. If I could be anything I wanted I would want to be a famous speaker. Iwould want to speak about things that would change others' lives. My other dream is to do something involving books full time.

7. I convinced my family that we didn't sit at the dining room table, and turned the room into a library completed with a chaise. It is my favorite room in the house.

8. My kids amaze me every day. I love them so much it makes my chest hurt sometimes.

9. I love church, but rarely make it to service. I do join a women's study group to keep myself in touch.

10. I cry at commercials sometimes. I'm such a sap!

I have no idea who to pass this too! It's like I am starting over and I am lost. I will think about it for awhile before passing it on.

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Show Me 5 Saturday 4/24/10

Welcome to My Meme!
I've been gone awhile,but I thought I would give this a try again!
Each Saturday You will post the answer to these questions. The number indicates the number of answers you will provide.

1 Book you read and/or reviewed this week
2 Words that describe the book
3 Settings where it took place or
characters you met
4 Things you liked and/or disliked about it

5 Stars or less for your rating?

1 Book: The Fiddler's Gun by A.S. Peterson

2 Words: Pirates and Fiddles

3 Settings/Characters: 1.Fin Button - main character. A girl put in an orphanage, because her father wanted a boy. She is adventurous, tortured, learning to understand herself 2.Bartimaeus - fiddle playing cook with much more in his past than anyone imagined 3. The Rattlesnake - a pirate ship that Fin learns to call home
4 Likes/Dislikes:
1.Loved the spirit of Fin! She was a strong,female character and I cared deeply about her by the end of the book 2. Liked the action and the surprises. Starting in an orphanage and ending on a pirate ship really mixes it up. 3.Liked the historical background that the author built this story around. 4.Loved how this story made me feel connected to it. I was drawn in and finished quickly. Can't wait for the next book!

5 Stars or Less:
4.5 Stars

This book is also being discussed on Kate and Amy's Book Club on Facebook. If you have read it you should join the discussion. If you haven't be forewarned their might be spoilers in the disucssion. A.S. Peterson has also joined in and answered reader questions!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yes, I still between all the other junk in my life!

It has been so long since I last blogged that I am not even sure I really remember all the tricks!

I had some family things come up that took me away from the blogger's life. My daughter had ankle surgery at the end of July and was doing physical therapy. She was released the last week in October to play softball again, and injured herself in the first game - concussion, shoulder injury. We had to start therapy over and in December they decided she needed ANOTHER SURGERY! That happened at the end of December. Just today she was released from her PT for that. During all of this she also developed severe stomach pain and we spent ALOT of time at the Dr, ER, Urgent Care to find a cause. It turned out to be minor, but took a long time to find the cause.

Add other children,work, starting a new workout program, financial stress, anxiety disorder starting to return, etc and my blog fell to the side. It was like life took me to the alley and beat the crap out of me!

Most of my issues are still around, but life feels under control again. I have continued to stalk many blogs, publishers, tweets, etc. I have missed all the interaction. I have decided, however, that I am going to go about this blogging thing more lightly. I have always been hard on myself with my writing and how often I reviewed, but now I am going to be more ME. My friends who know me IRL say I am so funny in person and so serious on the blog. My new goal is to throw in some more of my personality while still reviewing books and making blogging friends.

Here is a list of what I have read since I have been gone (give or take a few). Doctor's offices really lend time to lots of reading!

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Helen Simonson

Knit the Season - Kate Jacobs

The Interrogative Mood: A Novel? - Padgett Powell

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl - Ree Drummond

Raji - Ariion Kathleen Brindley

Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving

The Help - Kathryn Sockett(didn't re-read but had a book club and discussed)

A Blue and Gray Christmas - Joan Medicott

According to Jane - Marilyn Brant

The Wives of Henry Oades - Johanna Moran

The Wrong Mother - Sophie Hannah

The Opposite of Me - Sarah Pekkanen

The Fiddler's Gun - A.S. Peterson (currently discussing on FB book club)

Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead - Irene Kendig

Divorce Sucks - Mary Jo Eustace

Still Alice - Lisa Genova

Currently Reading:

The Passage by Justin Cronin

I do plan to review some, but not all of these. I have an opinion on everyone though if you want to know what I think!

See you the BLOG ZONE