Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Total Randomness

It's like I want to blog, but every darn time I think about it I go running from the computer. It's that I stop and start. I feel like a failure. Then I realize. This blog is mine! I can come and go when I please. I may not be the "go to" blog for anyone, but I can still do it.

Life takes me in so many directions.

I got married in January. It was awesome!

I tote my kids from place to place (but a bit less now since my daughter drives). I have my kids and my stepkids here for the summer. That makes a house of 6. Besides toting them I just love spending time with them. I watch them play sports. At home we act silly and have fun. We will be going to the pool all summer.

Oh and now I have this obsession with trying to eat better. I am cutting back on meat and trying to eat more natural foods. Plant-based baby! Now, if I could just get immersed enough in it to lose weight.

I play soccer with friends every Wednesday night. I joined the Blondes v Brunettes Flag Football event for Alzheimer's again. What a great time for a great cause!

Oh and I read the crap out of some books! I usually read one on the Kindle, one paper book, and listen to one on audio at the same time.

Things I don't do:
Garden - to the dread of my neighbors spring comes and we are the only house without a pretty landscape. I would love to but...

Keep a spotless house - While I would like to walk into a spotless house who wants to spend their life cleaning??

Get up early - I hate waking up! Once I am out of bed I'm fine, but before that forget about it. I am perpetually late for work.

So maybe I'm back and for awhile. I do have some definite book reviews I want to post. Plus, now I think I will throw in other randomness. I might just post on occasion or I might get blog crazy. We'll see...


  1. When we're living life fully, we don't always blog about it. It's good to see you back, though. Sounds like some happy things going on.

    I like your "don't do" list.