Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Thunks - these questions are questionable

A Bunch Of Stupid Questions By Kimber

Welcome to the July 30th version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Kimber, the number 14 and the color of life. (2 questions by Ber, figure out which 2.)

1. You are in an enclosed space with a group of friends. Elevator, auto, small room, etc.. You fart and it really stinks. Do you take credit for it or do you play along with the questioning of who did it?
If you are in an elevator then nobody will even talk about it. We will all hold our breath until the doors open and then exit as quickly as possible. Any other location depends on who I am with. Family I take credit. All others I question. LOL

2. You are locked in a room sitting at a desk with just a piece of paper and a purple crayon. What do you draw?
I most likely doodle my name, my kids' names, my man's name, and then I doodle flowers. That's what I do in meetings so I assume it is what I would do then as well. Oh wait...i am locked in the room?? I am too busy hyperventilating to draw!

3. Do you ever pee in the shower?
Umm...yes, when I get in the warm water I j ust can't help it

4. Have you bought, sold or got rid of something on Craigslist?
yes, both. I have sold old kids stuff and I have bought a patio table and Ipod touch...whatever looks good and is priced right

5. You are in a convenience store. In the line in front of you is a drunk guy trying to purchase more alcohol. The cashier tells him they cannot sell it to him because he is obviously already intoxicated. He gets belligerent. The cashier is scared. What do you do?
Just watch...what am I supposed to do? If it gets out of hand I will call 911.

6. While shopping for produce, do you "sample" before you buy (i.e. grapes)?
My store usually has samples out. If not i will on occasion. Didn't all of us sample the candy that used to be for sale in the bins at the grocery store? I remember getting in trouble for that.

7. You are walking down the street and there is a toddler sitting on a bench by themselves in front of a store - do you just keep walking?
Um, NO what dumba$$ keeps walking?? I wait and watch the situationfor awhile. If no one shows up I will talk to the child. This just happened at the mall the other day and I finally saw the dad go after the baby that had wandered very far away. Then I made a comment to him to let him know someone had noticed.

8. Have you looked up an old friend and/or lover online?
Sure, curiosity killed the cat...thank goodness I ain't a kitty

9. You are nearly in a car/auto accident. Do you freak out, follow the person who nearly caused it & talk to them or just keep going?
I probably raise my hands in a WTH gesture and then keep driving. People are crazy!!!

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