Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thursday Thunks...I thunk I'm gonna like this

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's the July 23rd version and I can't think of a catchy title

Welcome to the July 23rd version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Berleen, the number 22 and the color of the last road kill you saw.

1. You walk into a store and the cashier is being held up by a robber. The robber's accomplice is dead on the floor at your feet with a shotgun laying next to him. The robber does not see you, but the cashier does - what do you do?
Hmmm....I really want to say that I will pick up the gun and shot the m'fer, but I would probably back out of the store slowly and call 911

2. We go to an ice cream shop for an ice cream cone. You say you are buying and I am going to stay in the car. You ask me what I want and I say "surprise me", what kind of ice cream cone am I going to get?

I would get you whatever I know you like...I wouldn't agree to surprise you without knowing some you like fruity flavors, how about chocolate...are you allergic to nuts..buying ice cream is serious and I don't want to mess that up or I might feel bad and then have to give you mine

3. You have a dream that your co-worker, friend or whoever is hit
by a garbage truck after they back into a ladder with a black cat on it. The next day you see that person standing by a ladder with a black cat on it and there is a garbage truck driving down the road.... what do you do?
Is this even a question? I would tell them to move the opposite way I saw them going in the dream. I want to at least say I tried to save them. wait you said "whoever" that answer could be different if I dislike you. LOL

4. What is the most money you've won on a lottery or scratch off ticket?
I rarely play so I think it was $2. Why is it that when you don't even play you still dream of winning big?

5. A neighbor kid down the street comes to your door and offers to wash all of y
our windows outside for $10 - do you have him do it?
Again, why are we questioning this uh yeah!!

6. Go to Google Images. Type in the name of the last movie you saw. Post the first picture that comes up.

7. Your local animal shelter calls you and says there are 3 dogs that need an immediate foster home for 3 days. If you do not accept, the dogs are put down that day. Do you take them in?
I'm a sucker yes I would

8. What is the messiest room in your home?

My bedroom. We have all of the laundry in there

9. Have you ever been to a wedding that participated in a strange tradition that you had never heard of?

10. Name one sport that you just don't get.

that sport on the olympics with the brooms and the discs on ice...what is that called?

11. What was the last email that came into your inbox about?
my giveaway for the book A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand

12. Have you ever purchased anything from a sex shop? Extra points if you tell us what it was....
yes. on my 30th birthday I was sent on a scavenger hunt. I had to purchase a candy cane stripped "massager". The worst part is
that the previous clue had been to lead me to money to pay for it, but when I got there someone had taken the $20 and left a penny. Had to pay for that "massager" myself

13. Go back to that Google Images link... type in the last food item that you ate. Post the 2nd picture it comes up with.

14. Got any bumper stickers on your vehicle? What are they?
No, I don't like to do that

15. What meme question do you wish was never asked again?
maybe the one about my sex know my family reads this sometimes LOL


  1. This is great Ali!! I love your answers!! Mine are all stupid this week!

  2. great answers! i loved the movie proposal :) anyway, mine's UP too. tc

  3. cookies? Musta been a 'midnight snack'? I'm reading this close to 6 a.m. and I first thought...cookies? For breakfast?, I'm blond! Duh!

    I played and thunk...come on over if you can find time to visit with me. I'd love your company. Happy Thursday. [for the Thursday thunks...scroll down a bit, okay?]

  4. #3- good one! Is it?

  5. I answered the sex store thing and now i'm just waiting for my family to read it. Not that I really said anything, but when I hear a scream from the living room from my daughter or my oldest sons yelling " NOT COOOOOOOOOOL MOM, NOT COOL!" I'll know for once i shocked THEM lol. They're all adults, they have it coming!!

  6. I watched The Proposal too and really enjoyed it.