Thursday, August 13, 2009


I can't even begin to tell you how awesome a butler bag is. My Aunt June sells them in her boutique and I saw it for the first time when she came to town for my grandma's funeral. I knew I had to have one! Basically, if you look at the picture you will notice that it has compartments in the bottom. It keeps your purse very organized. Also there is room to the side to put in papers or in my caes books and/or my kindle. Just yesterday I carried 2 publisher catalogs, a book, and a notepad in mine.

I am not known for having a clean purse and usually I can't find anything in it. Since getting the butler bag in the beginning of July I do not have this problem.

For some the price might seem high, but if you tend to buy a name brand purse/bag it won't. I can tell you it is well worth it's price.

Classic small bag is $125

Hybrid large is $165

They can be ordered through my aunt for those prices.

check out the website at - Don't accidentally add an s to bag or you will get a camping gear website


  1. This looks wonderful! I am always looking for a great bag that has compartments and room... Its hard to find both. I have a large one now - but no compartments so everything is in the bottom. I like it big enough to carry my camera and a book which are two things that go everywhere with me (You just never know when you may be stuck in a bank drive through or stopped for a train and you can read during that time.)

  2. Sheila - it hold everything beautifully. Maybe I will take a pic of the inside of mine and post it. If you get one of those flat wallets it works really well in there.

  3. This is a great bag! I love it! I use the Vera Bradley bags a lot of the time and I cannot tell you how often I open it and things have fallen out of the pockets and are all over my bag. This is a great idea!

    I'm going to check out the site!