Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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My son reading...well, he can "only read in his head" right now, but tomorrow starts kindergarten so I am sure he will be reading out loud soon enough.

This week my daughter started high school and my baby (pictured above) leaves me for school too. Granted he has gone to daycare every day since he was 6 weeks old, but school is different. He is growing up. Oh boy, mommy has been faking how excited she is so he he doesn't freak out, but my heart is breaking. I know this should be very exciting and it is -mostly. Sons really love their moms and mine is no exception.

I do know this. He is smart and funny and makes friends easily. I think he will do great. Let's just hope he learns quickly when to stop talking and being silly. LOL

Can't wait to get him ready and walk him in...gee I guess part of me really is excited.

I can't wait until we hang out and he reads me a story.

Update: My son LOVES school. We both did really well and there were no tears. I can't even tell you how excited he was about telling us all about his day when he got home.

Today - his second day - I almost cried when I wanted to walk him in to show him where to go for breakfast and he told me he knew what to do and didn't need me. OUCH!!
Here he is sitting at his desk and starting his first assignment!!


  1. How did it go? My DS (age 5) told me tonight that he was ready to learn the words so he could read with me. I guess that's a good sign!!

    Happy Reading! Be sure to check out my blog this week for some awesome reads!! I've posted 4 new ones throughout Friday! :)

  2. It is hard to "let them go"..my son will be in first grade this year. I have to warn you..I sobbed the whole way to work his first day of Kindergarten.

    But now, we can see the little wheels starting to turn and it's awesome to go to the store and have him be able read the signs to us.

  3. It's so cute to watch them grow up. The independence is what makes it so fun I think! With your little guy the teachers will probably end up telling stories about things he says in the lounge, he'll crack them up!

  4. i think i'm the only one who got outrageously excited for kindergarten. but the quietness, after three days it got to be a little too quiet around here.

    next week may not be so easy.