Thursday, August 20, 2009

Word Verification Balderdash

Hosted by Sheila at Journey Through a World of Books. The idea is to make up defintions for all the word verifications you get during the week.

Here go mine for this week:

tralee: the person who is always at the end of the line...ALWAYS!

coserti: the other person who verifies that something is correct. The first person certifies it and then the coserti makes sure that first guy wasn't a total dip and got it right.

ereat: eating things you should stay away from. My ereat is usually related to brownies or some other pastry.

prellam: this is that moment right before you go on the lam. So, I am pretty sure it is that moment when you realize you are DEFINITELY going to get caught for the crime. right then you are prellam, but only while you pack your bag.

figents: children who can't stand or sit still. The little figents made the chairs fall over with all their hyper behavior.

dinappi: the thing you accidentally take when you are just going to close your eyes for a minute is dinappi.


  1. Very clever! My ereat is usually related to cookies or cakes. And I'm pretty sure I had a dinappi this afternoon! *L* Good job!

  2. These are great! I just love reading them and again I am sitting here laughing while the coffee is brewing! :)