Thursday, August 27, 2009

Word Verification Balderdash 8/27/09

Hosted by Sheila at Journey Through a World of Books. The idea is to make up defintions for all the word verifications you get during the week.

I had a smaller amount this week, but I still wanted to play!

Perem: a perm with a little extra oumpphh. This typically happens to me if I try to get a perm because my hair takes the curl so well. That girl got a PEREM!

Dishob: to cause a commotion with the dishes. Have you ever been the one trying to watch TV or take a nap while someone else is doing the dishes or putting them away? Total dishob!!! (BTW, I got this definition bc one of the actual definitions of hob is to cause a commotion I didn't know that before)

Gonste: my boyfriend says it is "I'm gonste with you forever girl"

Wriven: really driven to write


  1. These are great! How funny about hob... you are saying we can actually learn something doing this? LOL

    The dishob I am familiar with... why is it so LOUD????

    Thanks for playing! :) I enjoy reading these!

  2. Too funny. Sockerti That is the sock monster that leaves me with odd socks

  3. Great words this week!!! I love them all!!

    I agree with Shelia, why does the dishob have to be so LOUD!?!?!