Friday, August 21, 2009

Up and Coming for That's A Novel Idea

I have several things that will be coming very soon to my blog.

September 5: Book Blog Tour with Shelly Nicholson author of Jake the Snake and the Stupid Time Out Chair and A Stinky Surprise for Jake the Snake. Great, funny childrens' books. I will be posting a review of the books shortly as well. Visit Shelly's website at

September 12: Book Blog Tour with Melissa Foster author of Megan's Way. This a serious tearjerker. I will be writing a review of it shortly as well. Visit to get more information on this tour.

I will also be hosting some new giveaways soon TBA.

My up and coming reviews (besides those just mentioned) will be:

Receive Me Falling by Erika Robuck -historical fiction coming together with modern day

Julie and Julie - everyone knows what this is unless you live under a rock

Middlesex - okay I have to read this first, but is is my book club book this month and so I will get it done. I have heard good things.

Of course, my pile of TBR is growing so I will only go this far.

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  1. This is a great idea! I can add you to my calendar so I know when to come back for your reviews!! YIPPEE!!

    Did you get any noms for BBAW??