Saturday, October 10, 2009

Show Me 5 Saturday

Welcome to my Meme!

Each Saturday You will post the answer to these questions. The number indicates the number of answers you will provide.

1 Book you read and/or reviewed this week
2 Words that describe the book
3 Settings where it took place or
characters you met
4 Things you liked and/or disliked about it
5 Stars or less for your rating?

After each of you complete the meme on your blog add a comment here and I will put a link on my post.

1 Book: The Hidden Man by David Ellis

2 Words: Mystery, Revenge

3 Settings/Characters: Jason Kolarich - main character - lawyer- recently widowed, Sammy - Jason's childhood best friend currently on trial for killing his sister's murderer, Smith -hired Jason to defend Sammy and is willing to pay the big bucks for him to win it quickly but why?

4 Likes/Dislikes: Liked that the story kept me guessing about who was guilty of what and what really happened in the past, Liked Jason's smart-ass attitude and his willingness to lay it all on the line, Disliked the confusing fantasies of his family that Jason had throughout the book. I got confused about what they were (memories or fantasies) and had to email the author for clarification, Liked the pace of the book

5 Stars or Less: 3.75 not quite a 4, but I liked it better than to say 3.5

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