Saturday, October 17, 2009

Show Me 5 Saturday

Sorry for the delay today. My 5 year old has had a high fever and a horrible cough since Friday morning, and I had to leave for a little while to do chili judging at our City Chili Challenge. I hope some of you have played without me!

Welcome to my Meme!

Each Saturday You will post the answer to these questions. The number indicates the number of answers you will provide.

1 Book you read and/or reviewed this week
2 Words that describe the book
3 Settings where it took place or
characters you met
4 Things you liked and/or disliked about it

5 Stars or less for your rating?

After each of you complete the meme on your blog add a comment here and I will put a link on my post.

1 Book: Once A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

2 Words: UnTalented Witch

3 Settings/Characters: Tamsin - born into a family of witches. She is supposed to have the greatest Talent but seems to have none, HELLCRATER - nickname Tamsin has given to her family's home actually a big rambling stone farmhouse in upstate New York, Alistair Callum - college professor that requests Tamsin find a clock his family lost while gambling in the 1800's. Tamsin senses that something is of with Alistair and his request, but she wants so badly to have Talent she is going to help him anyway.

4 Likes/Dislikes: I haven't completed the book but here's what I think so far. 1. I like the storyline - untalented witch on a search through time that I think is going to end up showing us what her Talent really is. 2. I like the relationships that Tamsin has with her family. There is sibling rivalry, discomfort over not fitting in, and a true sense of love and togetherness 3. Love story woven in with a best friend she knew when she was younger 4. The story line is is similar to things I have read before, so I enjoy it, but I don't know if it is very original

5 Stars or Less: Since I haven't actually finished this yet I am not going to rate it. However, so far so good.

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  1. Once a Witch looks good! Hope your little one is feeling better! I have done those chili cook offs too - they are fun!