Friday, September 11, 2009

Megan'sWay by Melissa Foster

What would you give up for the people you love?

When Megan Taylor, a single mother and artist living on Cape Cod, receives the shocking news that her cancer has returned, she's faced with the most difficult decision she's ever had to make. The love she has for her daughter, Olivia, and her closest friends will be stretched and frayed.

Megan’s illness reawakens the torment of her best friend, Holly Townsend, whose long-held secrets and years of betrayal come back to haunt her. How does one choose between a daughter and a life-long best friend? Can the secret she has been keeping be revealed after years of lying without destroying everyone in its wake?

Meanwhile, fourteen-year-old Olivia's world is falling apart right before her eyes, and there's nothing she can do about it. She finds herself acting in ways she cannot even begin to understand. When her internal struggles turn to dangerous behavior, even the paranormal connection she shares with her mother might not be enough to save her - her life will hang in the balance.

Megan’s Way is a journey of self discovery and heartfelt emotions, exploring the depth of the mother-daughter bond, and the intricacies of friendship.

Secrets - people keep them for all sorts of justified reasons. Sometimes it is to spare another and sometimes to spare themselves. Megan's Way is a novel full of secrets. On the surface the secrets are to spare others pain, but if you look closely you will see that each of the people also hope to spare themselves the pain and discomfort of admitting the secrets held deep.

Megan Taylor is a single mother who has just found that her cancer has returned. She suffers silently each day, because she has chosen to keep this a secret from her daughter Olivia and her close friends. This is not her only secret. She has also kept the name of Olivia's father from everyone. As Megan becomes sicker and her time left with friends and family lessens she has to decide what each of them should know about her past actions.

Olivia is a wonderful fourteen year old. She and her mother have a bond that most do not. Megan can feel her emotions and her pain as if they are her own. The first time Megan was sick with cancer it was scary for Olivia and Megan knew just how hard it was. Olivia knows her mother is hiding something again, but cannot get her mother to admit it. As Megan pushes Olivia away to prepare her for a life without a mother Olivia becomes angry and feels hurt by her mom. These emotions cause Olivia to make decisions she would never have considered before. She just wants her mother to notice her again.

Holly is the best friend. She also holds a secret so deep that it could change everyone's lives. As she watches Megan shrink from illness she can't decide if divulging the secret would help or just make everything worse.

This novel is full of deep relationships. The relationship between Megan and her friends is one we all wish to have. These are friends that have been in her life for twenty-one years for everything that matters. These friends provide support and unconditional love. Each year on Megan's birthday they gather to renew themselves and their friendships. It is a time they bless each other and reconnect.

Several supernatural aspects exist in the novel. We meet a psychic who predicts the future - too precisely for comfort, Megan feels the emotions of her child, and after death we view the world from above with Megan. These episodes are created beautifully in Megan's Way. The tenderness and love is portrayed deeply and the emotions are raw.

Melissa Foster has written a novel that pulls your heart in so many directions. I cried more while reading this than I have for a long time for a book. My heart literally ached while reading this. I was drawn in deeply to the love and the friendships and didn't want to see it all end. I would absolutely recommend it to everyone!

Check back tomorrow when I talk to Melissa Foster about Megan's Way...and some other stuff.

Until then view this trailer and see if you don't want to get the book right now!

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