Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Giveaway - Permission Slips by Sherri Shepherd

Thanks to Anna at Hachette Book Group I have 5 copies of Permission Slips to give away.

I just received my review copy in the mail and can't wait to read it. Sherri is funny and real and has faith. I am excited to see what she has to say about "giving herself a break".


By Sherri Shepherd

Covering topics such as "It's Jesus or Jail," "Marriage, the Hard Way," "Children: The Gift You Can't Give Back," and "All the Things I Don't Know...And All the Things I Definitely Do," stand-up comedienne, actress, and ABC's The View co-host Sherri Shepherd comically chronicles her struggles to keep up with the many roles-professional, wife, mother, daughter, and friend-that women must play in today's world. Sherri urges women to pursue their most important dreams and to never give up, but also let's readers know that it's okay to give themselves "permission slips" when things don't always work out the way they want them to.

Giveaway Guidelines

  • Post a comment telling one time you needed to give yourself permission to forgive yourself. Make sure you leave your email address.
My story - I went through a time where I was unable to let go of my fears/anxieties that had started after my son became seriously ill and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I didn't tell anyone and suffered immensely. I eventually had to go to the doctor to get medication -this was only because I stopped sleeping completely and could no longer work. I had to forgive myself for not being able to do it all on my own. I had to forgive myself for not fixing the issues that were beyond my control, and then for allowing myself to get in such a horrible place.

Ok, now that I have put it all out there and exposed myself it's your turn (you definitely don't have to say anything so private).

Contest ends October 20th at 11:59 p.m. Contest open to those in the U.S. and Canada only. No P.O. Boxes.


  1. As a new mom, I felt overwhelmed and I worried about every decision I had to make, from breastfeeding to immunizations. There was so much information about every topic and friends and family have their own opinions. I was scared to make the wrong decision about something. I finally realized I had to go with my own instincts and trust that I would know what was best for my family.

  2. I always love books that find humor in everyday life situations. Not only do I know that overwhelmed feeling, even though it is very different now----just trying to wear too many hats as usual; but in my job, I work with so many moms tht are stretched to the max. I always suggest that they be around people that make them laugh and read humorous books. So, after I have read it, I think I would love to share with some of my moms with young kids that are taking themselves way too seriously.

  3. I tend to berate myself when I make a mistake or say something stupid. I am constantly reminding myself that no one is perfect and that my expectations for myself are often too high. I am allowed to screw up once in awhile.

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  4. I can remember this like it was yesterday. It was a few days before Christmas and I was writing checks to pay the bills. For some crazy reason, I added my pay check deposit in TWICE! So, there I was thinking, wow, we've really stayed on budget this month, let's get ahead for next month. So there I am paying bills early and writing extra checks not realizing my mistake. Obviously adding money that is not there will really mess things up. I had checks bouncing all over the place and insufficient fund fees adding up quickly. By the time I realized my mistake it was Christmas weekend and I had to wait until Monday to deal with it. It was awful. It took months to straighten everything out. It took even longer for me to forgive myself. I was harder on myself than my husband was.

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  5. I organized a baby shower for my sister almost two years ago and they had predicted a huge snow storm on that day. I decided not to cancel and finally we had to do so halfway through because we were going to be snowed in! The worst of it is that some had risked alot to get to the place, and I felt so guilty that I prayed no one would get into an accident. So all the hard work had been wasted (except for all the gifts my sister got) and I had to give myself permission to move on and forgive myself for not making the wise decision to cancel and reschedule!