Monday, September 14, 2009

A Bit of Excitement for Me

Okay, most of you don't know me personally so you don't know much about my kids. My dear daughter is 14 yo and has had her struggle with reading in the past. I won't go in to my personal rant about how the school failed miserably or how I think I must have failed a bit too.

Anyway, a couple of years ago when The Twilight Series came out she surprisingly decided to give it a try. At that moment she began a serious love affair with reading. Granted she is very picky and can't stand a "girly" book (but that is her general take on life), but put the right book in her hand and she can't put it down. Yesterday, she agreed to read The Hunger Games and here is the best part....if she actually likes the book well enough to read it (not thinking that will be a problem) then she will write most of the review! Wow!!! If you knew her you would know that's BIG. See, she is a very talented writer, but she doesn't like to share. She sits around and writes poems and short stories all the time, but won't let anyone touch them. She is currently in Creative Writing at school and the teachers have chosen her work a couple of times to read aloud. She won't even let them acknowledge that it is her! I can't wait to see what she says about The Hunger Games!!!

Oh, to top it off she said casually yesterday that she would like to read Pride and Prejudice. I almost fell down in shock! I think I can download it for free on my Kindle so her wish will be coming true whenever she is ready.

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you are totally proud of your kids!!


  1. Alison,
    I so love your darling Miss B also struggles with reading. Luckily, she is still very willing, it just takes her a while. I am hoping that she will still be able to catch up and enjoy books as both her parents do! Hope you are coming tonight! Don't worry if you haven't finished the book!

  2. This is my first comment on your blog but I just added you to my reader so it won't be my last :)
    My daughter struggled with reading in grade school - until I went to Ireland (ten years ago) and returned with a book for her - Harry Potter (The Philosopher's Stone - which was the British title for The Sorcerer's Stone). She was hooked immediately and collected the entire series and read each several times. Guess what - she went on to major in English and graduated with that degree a year ago. I credit finding just the right book when she was in middle school. She's still very selective about what she reads but she does read a wide variety of genres now. I'm so happy your daughter found the spark.

  3. Allison, of course, I am excited that your daughter has caught the "reading bug". :)

  4. Thanks all for the positive comments.

    Mary - my daughter had read Twilight repeatedly as well. I know exactly what you mean. I could see her being a writer, but she says no at this point. Who knows what she will do, but she will be reading for pleasure! So glad your daughter found the spark and her calling.

    Books can change lives! I have seen it.

    Tracy - if Miss B has the desire then it will eventually all come together. I saw her over the weekend shopping with her Nana (or does she say Nanny). Anyway, she was adorable and way less shy than in the past.

    Karen - Thanks!

  5. Hi! Found you through Shelia at bookingjourney and I just have to chime in congrats to you and your dd! I have two kids of my own and I am so pleased that they both like to read for pleasure! I just think it helps broaden their worlds and sure helps with keep their brain synapses firing throughout the summer.

    I don't know if she would think she's too old for Collins Gregor series, but they're very good and not "girly"!

  6. This is such wonderful news Ali!!! I have tears of joy in my eyes for you and your daughter! I loved reading as a child and fell out of love with it when I started working all the time. It was a student (my blog baby) that rejuvenated my love for reading. :)